Medical Services

Childhood immunisations

At Childers Doctors Surgery, we are able to offer all routine childhood vaccinations. Children who have missed school based vaccinations may be able to receive these at the surgery.

Adult vaccinations

We are able to offer a range of adult vaccinations including the flu vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine, and Shingles vaccine for those in risk groups. We also offer COVID-19 vaccine.

Routine health checks

We offer a range of age specific health checks . 

Mirena and Implanon insertions

Our docotrs are trained to insert contraceptive implants such as Mirena and Implanon. 

Cancer screening

Australia is known for its high incidence of skin cancers, we offer skin checks and mole scanning services

Minor surgery

We perform biopsies and excisions of suspicious skin lesions and other procedures under local anesthetic.

Women’s Health

Our women's health services include cervical screening, family planning and antenatal care. 


It is possible to have an ECG performed at the surgery to detect signs of ischaemic heart disease.

Warfarin monitoring

We have handheld machines to measure your INR in order to determine your daily dose of warfarin. 

Medicals - insurance, driving & other licenses, DVA

We can perform medicals for insurance companies, commercial and private driving licenses and for the DVA. Should you wish to have one of these medical examinations, please inform our staff when booking an appointment to allow enough time for the medical to take place.

Workers’ compensation consultations

We undertake workers compensation consulations, it is important to let staff know when you are booking an appointment that your appointment is regarding a workers compensation claim. It is also helpful if you have your claim number available when attending your appointment at the surgery. 

Ante-natal care

At Childers Doctors Surgery it is possible to receive much of your ante-natal care at the surgery. The proximity of Childers Medical Imaging and QML allow scans and blood tests to be performed with maximum convenience.

Baby growth and development

We perform all routine baby checks. 

Health Care Plans

For people with chronic illnesses and those requiring ongoing treatment, health care plans can be used to manage their conditions and to allow access to services such as physiotherapy, chiropractor, hearing test, podiatry and dietician.